Basic annual reports

If you need to provide annual reports for internal reviews or to meet the needs of funders, managers and others, Triangle recommend you use the Basic Annual Reports available on the Star Online. This report shows changes made by your service users up to the end of that year.

These reports include an option to choose a single financial or calendar year and to run a time-limited report. The report then automatically detects the most recent Star completed by each service user within the year selected. 

Year filter 2

Only complete years are available for reporting - the previous financial year will become available in April, and the previous calendar year will become available in January.

It compares this Star with either the first Star ever, by default, but it is possible to select the option 'lower of first or second ever' reading option in order to automatically choose whichever of the first or second reading has the lowest average score.

Lower of first or second

To access the service and organisation version of the Basic Annual Report, go to your reports dashboard and you'll find the relevant report there. Only Star leads have access to the organisation version.