About the Star Online

An intuitive way to complete the Star on-screen

The Star Online enables workers to complete the Star on-screen with a service user; it has exactly the same graphics as the paper-based tools and is intuitive to use, with help text for workers and service users available throughout.

About us screensThe ladders or brief scales are integral to the system and users can hover over a number to see the more detailed descriptions of that scale point. When all the scales have been completed, simply use the Generate Star button and the Star completes itself.

There is also the facility to write notes, create an action plan and view up to three readings per client on one Star for an instant visual of progress.

Outcomes and sector comparison reports in a few clicks

The system analyses the Star data across a service or organisation and you can easily generate standard reports and carry out advanced reporting to compare different types of service user or service. Because the system is online and used by hundreds of organisations, there is also the facility to compare your outcomes with averages within your sector. 

Over twenty Stars to choose from

The Star online enables organisations working in more than one sector to take a common approach to keywork and outcomes measurement across all their projects. The licence allows organisations to use all of the Stars currently available on the Star Online so each project can choose the Star that is right for their work. And we are adding new Stars all the time.

Use on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones and iPhone

People working remotely can complete Stars online using portable equipment such as laptops and tablets (with an Internet connection) or complete Stars on paper and then enter the data and generate Stars back at the office using the Quick Star data entry feature.

Use as a stand-alone system or link to your existing system

The Star Online is designed to provide an affordable off-the-shelf system for organisations wanting to record and report on their outcomes. Organisations wishing to use the Star as part of their existing client management system should contact info@triangleconsulting.co.uk to find out about our integration system.

Last updated by Ruth Timmins  on 7th  June 2018