Giving workers access to more than one service/Star

Workers and managers can be given access to have a caseload within as many services as necessary. As each service can use a different version of the Outcomes Star, this means they can also have access to use any of the available Stars with service users, via the Star Online account at no extra cost to your organisation.

Managers can make these changes for any worker within their service(s) but they can only give workers access to additional services in which they have a manager role, too. Star leads can change details of any manager or worker within their Star Online account.

  1. Giving permissions biggerLog in as manager or lead
  2. Go to the 'view colleagues' page
  3. Click on the 'edit' option for the user whose service access you need to change
  4. This will load their profile
  5. Select 'edit profile'
  6. Now scroll down and select the services to which you want to give this user additional access
  7. Make sure to save your changes.

Leads, follow the same instructions above for managers and workers who span services managed by different individuals.