How to change the Star lead's log in details

Account buttonThe Star lead's contact and log in details are accessed via the 'account' page. The button for this is at the very top right of the screen.

Only the registered Star lead's log in details will provide access to this information.

1. Log in as Star lead

2. Go to the 'account' page - top right of every page

Account button

3. Choose the 'Star lead' tab

4. From here you can change the Star lead's details: name, email address and password

5. To change the password type your new password into the 'reset password' field

Change lead password - almost there

An interface will check that the password you enter is longer than 12 characters and doesn't contain any commonly used or guessable passwords and feed back to you as you type. If you are having trouble, we recommend carefully reading the messages that are displayed as these were carefully worded to help.

Here it is in action:

 6. Follow the on-screen instructions until your password is rated 'very strong'

Change lead password - strong

7. Enter exactly the same password in the 'confirm password' field

8. Click on save to complete the process.


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Last updated by Ruth Timmins on 27th June 2018