How do we access/add Stars to our Star Online account?

Adding a service - smallThe Star lead (the manager of the Star Online account) can add Stars, such as the Family Star, to the account by adding a service. Each service can use one version of the Outcomes Star. Once a service has been set up the resources for the selected Star become available from
the dashboard resources panel.

Add a serviceSome organisations will use more than one version of the Outcomes Star. To add further Stars to your account, the lead will need to add new services, selecting a different Star for each one, as needed.

All accounts can use as many services and Stars as they need at no extra cost.

Workers and managers can be given access to as many services, and, therefore, Stars, as needed, however, it's vital to ensure they are trained in using the Star as they do not all share the same underlying Journey of Change. If in doubt, contact Triangle to discuss your training needs.


How to add a service

Giving workers/managers access to more than one service/Star

Last updated 28th November 2018