What to do when a service user leaves the organisation

When a service user leaves the organisation, enter the date that they left on their profile. This will ensure that they are identified as having left in reports and on the clients listing page.

To do this, log in, then:

  • Navigate to the service user's profile.
    • If you are the lead worker for this person, you can do this by clicking on 'my clients' on your dashboard. As a manager or lead, click on 'all clients in my service(s)'
    • You will be presented with a list of service users. Use the filters or search to help you quickly find the correct person
    • Now click on 'view/edit' or the person's ID in order to access their profile.
  • Click on 'edit profile'
  • Scroll to the 'left on' field
  • Enter the date the service user left
  • Save.


How to delete service users

Last updated by Jo Johnson on 21st May 2013