Managing your Star Online account/licence

Star Online system licence

The Star Online system licence permits organisations to add as many service users and services as they wish to their Star Online account, and to use as many versions of the Star as necessary.

However, the Star Online System licence permits the organisation to set up a limited number of user accounts. This includes worker, manager and Star lead user accounts and administration users who are set up with worker or manager accounts. The minimum licence is for 20 users.

Organisations are required to set up a user account for each colleague who completes the Stars that are to be entered onto the Star Online, as well as for each colleague who accesses and enters data on the Star Online.

It is not possible for leads or managers to add further workers if their Star Online account has already reached its user limit.

Upgrading your licenceOrganisations should ideally purchase a licence to cover the maximum number they will need during the 12-month period of their account. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to expand use of the Star Online during that 12-month period and if this is the case it is simple to upgrade your account and therefore add as many extra workers and managers as you need.

How many active users do we have?

How many users are there?The Star lead can log in to the Star Online and view the 'account' page, available on the top right of every screen. The information about the number of users is displayed here along with details of your current licensed
maximum number of users.

Remember that the licensed user numbers includes the Star lead.

From this page - or from the dashboard - you can go through to the 'view colleagues' page. The details of your current user number and the organisation's licensed limit is also displayed here.

Below this statement is a list of all active users, excluding the Star lead's account which is correctly included in the total number of active users.

If you think either the maximum user number permitted or the count of users is incorrect, please email the helpdesk and we will look into this for you.

Upgrading your account

Closing worker/manager accounts

Renewing your account

Closing your account

Last updated by Ruth Timmins 27 September 2016