Closing a colleague's Star Online user account

Why close worker and manager user accounts?

When a member of staff leaves your organisation, their Star Online user account should be closed so that they can no longer access the service user data held within your organisation's account.

If a colleague no longer needs to access the Star Online, you should also close their account.

Star leads can close manager and worker accounts while managers can only close the accounts of colleagues within their own services. Worker users cannot close user accounts.

Your organisation's Star Online licence allows you to have a fixed number of active users, so it is also important to ensure you close unnecessary accounts to free up space for further users. Closed accounts are not counted in your licence.

How to close a colleague's user account

To close a user account, first log in to the Star Online, then:

  1. Go to the 'view colleagues' page, accessed from the lead and manager dashboards

    View Colleagues
  2. This will show you a list of all active users that you have permission to manage, that's all users if you are a lead and all those in your service(s) if you are a manager
  3. You can use the filters and search on this page to help you find the worker or manager whose account you need to close
  4. Once you have found the person on the list, choose the rubbish bin icon to begin the process of closing their account

    Closing a colleague's Star Online user acc hand over bin icon
  5. This will load a screen asking you to confirm that you have chosen the correct person – check the details carefully and, if you are sure you have selected the right person, choose 'close account'. If you are not sure, click on the back button to select another user
  6. If the user does not have an active caseload, their account will now be closed and you will see a screen confirming that the account is closed
  7. You can now either go back to your dashboard or review and close more accounts by clicking on the 'view and manage colleagues' button.

    Close a colleague's user account

If the user has an active caseload

It is not possible to close a user's account if they have an active caseload, in other words if the user is lead worker for service users who have not left the organisation. There are two ways you can deal with users who have an active caseload.

Close account first

First, carry out the steps above. When you reach stage six you will be prompted to reallocate their caseload to another worker within the same service, as follows:

  1. A screen will appear: 'reallocate this colleague's caseload'
  2. From here, you can select another user within the same service and thereby make them the lead worker for all of the current service users this person supports. Select a worker from the drop down list provided.
  3. Click on the 'reallocate caseload' button to complete the process
  4. The user's account will now be closed and you can now either go back to your dashboard or review and close more accounts by clicking on the 'view and manage colleagues' button.

Alternatively, you can opt to reallocate the service users one by one. To do this, select 'manage this colleague's caseload'.

Reallocating caseload

Reallocate the caseload first

To individually assign a new lead worker for each of the current service users to different colleagues in the service:

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘View colleagues’
  3. Select the worker
  4. When you see the worker’s profile appear, bookmark this page (save it to your favourites)
  5. On the right of the worker’s profile you will see a list of service user IDs

    Worker caseload 2
  6. Click on the first one to view their dashboard
  7. Click on the ‘edit profile’ button

    Editing a client's profile
  8. Scroll down until you reach the drop-down for worker: “Which worker is supporting this person?”
  9. Change the keyworker using the drop-down list of workers for the same service

    Changing keyworker
  10. Save
  11. Now go to the bookmarked worker profile and repeat the steps 6 to 11 above for each service user in the caseload.

What happens to Stars the user has completed?

They are retained on the system and continue to be logged as completed by the same person, as you would expect.

Can I still run a caseload report for the worker/manager?

No. Firstly, the worker's caseload no longer exists on the Star Online once their account is closed. The caseload report is a supervision tool and is therefore no longer provided.

We recommend you run a final caseload report before closing the worker/manager's user account if this is to be used in a final supervision session or exit interview, and/or to keep on their human resources file.



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Last updated by Jo Johnson on 21 May 2013