Consolidate duplicate worker accounts

Why consolidate user accounts?

Some organisations have set up more than one user account for some of their workers as a way to give them access to work with service users – via the Star Online – at more than one service.
This is not necessary as any worker can be given access to more than one service without incurring additional costs or increasing your number of user accounts.
There are two benefits to consolidating duplicate accounts, workers have just the one account to log into and it ensures you don't inadvertently exceed your licensed user limit.
On this page we explain how to consolidate these accounts into one.

How to consolidate user accounts

It's a simple two-step process to consolidate two user accounts. The first step is to give the worker's first account access to both services. The second step is to edit the service users at the worker's second account and reallocate them to the worker's first account.
  1. Differentiate the different accounts. To do this access 'View colleagues' and navigate to and edit the workers account at the second service, which we will refer to as 'service 2'. You may find it helpful to select 'service 2' in the 'which service' dropdown box to filter the workers
  2. Add 2 to the workers last name so it now reads 'firstname lastname2' and save
  3. Follow step 1 to navigate to and edit the workers account at the first service, which we will refer to as 'service 1'
  4. 'Service 1' should already be ticked. Tick 'service 2' and save
  5. Access 'View service users' and select the workers' 'firstname lastname2' in the 'Who is the client's lead worker?' filter
  6. Take the option to edit each of the presented service users
  7. Editing the service user profile, click on the drop down list 'Which worker is supporting this person' and change from 'firstname lastname2' to 'firstname lastname'
  8. Once all of the worker's service users have been reallocated to their first account delete their second account.