Spellchecking your notes and other copy

The Star Online does not incorporate a built-in spellchecker and it's unlikely we'll be adding one any time soon, however there are other options.

Browser spellchecker

Correcting an error in notes using Mozilla Firefox. All browser-based spellcheckers operate in a similar way that will be familiar to you, if you use MS Word.

Some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Safari, include a spellchecker that works just as well (see above). Internet Explorer unfortunately doesn't incorporate a similar tool. While Safari is for Mac users only, Firefox is available for free for PC and Mac users. If you currently use IE, one option would be to talk to your IT about the potential to use another browser.

Alternatively, if you aren't able to switch from Internet Explorer, there are free spellchecker plugins for Internet Explorer, such as Speckie, available and worth looking into. We can't recommend Speckie or advise you to use it, or indeed any other plugin, but your IT support could either explore this plugin and install it for you or to recommend another plugin that offers a similar set of features.

These browser-based spellcheckers prompt you to spot errors by adding a red wiggly or dotted line under words as you type. Right click on the word and the spellchecker will suggest alternatives or ask you to add the word to your dictionary. Perfect for ensuring your notes and action plans are typo free.

Spellchecking with Safari

Safari's built-in spellchecker used when creating an action plan.