Notifications about Star deletion requests

You will only receive email notifications if you are using a valid email addresses for your account with the Star Online, of course. You can update your email address via your profile (managers and workers) and your account (Star leads).

Valid email address 2

Notifications about deletions you have requested

Deletion AlertWorkers and managers are notified when Stars they have requested to delete are actioned or rejected. These notifications are sent by
email and added to their dashboards
in the alerts panel.

Workers and managers can change the settings for their email notifications via their profile page, accessed via the top right hand of any screen when logged in. The options are to turn off email notifications or opt for a digest once per day or per week.

Notifications about deletions you need to process

If you are a lead, you will be notified about requests requiring your attention via email and as an alert on your dashboard.

Deletion request email notifications small

To change the settings for email notifications, go to the 'account' page, accessed by the 'account' button at the top right of every screen. Then select 'notifications', and make your choice. You can opt to receive them as they happen, or as a digest one per day or week, or never, if you prefer.

Organisations can opt to require managers to review deletion requests before they are submitted to the lead, in which case they will not receive these notifications. The Star lead can select this option via the 'account' page, available to leads when logged in at the top right of every screen.

Giving manager responsibility to review

To change your notification settings as a manager, go to your profile and select the option you prefer, either never, as it happens, once per day or once per week.