Authorising Star deletion requests

Settings - who should review Star deletion requests

Deleting Stars account settings

Only Star leads can actually process Star deletions but it is possible to opt for managers to check over Star deletion requests made by workers in their services first. To require managers to review and either reject or approve deletion requests before they reach the Star lead, the lead must go to their account page and click on the settings tab. They will then see the option to give managers this role.

The first time that a lead begins the process of reviewing Star deletion requests they will be asked to either opt for managers to review deletion requests or not before they can proceed. If they opt for managers to do this, the deletion requests made so far will be referred to the managers who will see an alert on their dashboard asking them to review and approve Star deletion requests.


Leads, and managers where they have responsibility for approving Star deletion requests, will be notified about deletion requests requiring their attention via dashboard alerts. They will also receive emails notifying them of deletion requests.

Deletion Alert

They can change the frequency with which these emails are sent, turn off email notifications and change the email address these notifications are sent to via their account (lead) or profile page (manager) and the new notifications tab.

How to process deletion requests

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