How to cancel a Star deletion

Workers and managers can request that a Star reading is deleted and these requests are sent to the Star lead for the organisation. Managers may also be required to approve deletion requests submitted by workers in services they oversee via the Star Online.

While a deletion request is pending the approval of the manager and/or Star lead, it is possible to cancel this request. Any worker or manager working at the service in which the Star was completed can cancel a deletion request if they determine that this was done in error.

To cancel a deletion request (workers and managers only):

  1. view and manage starGo to your dashboard, you'll need to be logged in, of course
  2. Go to the 'View and Manage Stars' page - see the button under 'tasks'
  3. Use the filters to help you find the relevant Star. It can help to use the 'status' filter to select only those Stars pending deletion.
  4. Cancel deletionWhen you have found the Star, you will see 'Deletion pending cancel' in the right hand column of the table if the request has not yet been actioned
  5. Click on 'cancel' to retract the deletion request
  6. You will be asked to confirm whether you have selected the correct Star for the correct service user. Check this carefully, and if both are correct click on 'confirm' to complete the cancellation.
  7. The status of this Star will return to active and the option to delete it will reappear.

    Yes, cancel this request

Sometimes you will be unlucky and attempt to call back your deletion request at the same time that a lead authorises it. In these instances, you will get a message informing you that the lead has already actioned your request.