How to delete Star readings

Workers and managers can request that Stars are deleted. Star leads must approve all requests. In some organisations, managers may need to approve Star deletion requests from workers before they are forwarded to the Star lead.

To send a request for a Star reading to be deleted:

  1. Go to your dashboard (you'll need to be logged in, of course)
  2. Click on the 'View and Manage Stars' button

    view and manage stars
  3. This will show you all the Stars you have permission to view
  4. Use the filters on this page to help you find the Star you want removed
  5. Once you have found the Star, you will see a rubbish bin icon in the right hand column of the table displayed. This icon is not presented for Star leads as Star leads cannot request a Star reading deletion.

    Rubbish bin icon highlighted
  6. Click on this bin icon to begin the process of sending a request - the Star won't be deleted yet
  7. The next page you see will ask you to confirm that you have selected the right Star reading for the right service user and present you with two options - confirm or cancel. If you are 100% happy that you have selected the correct service user and Star reading, choose "Yes, this is the Star I want to delete". If not you can cancel at this point, and you will be taken back to the 'View and Manage Stars' page

    Yes, this is the star I want to delete small
  8. If notes were entered for this Star reading when it was submitted or an action plan was added after this Star reading was created, you will be asked to confirm that these should also be deleted. While it's not possible to retain action plans and notes for Stars that are deleted, the full Star data, including any notes or action plan can be downloaded as a spreadsheet before you submit your request. These can then be re-entered later
    1. To download the Star data, including any notes and action plan, click on the link: "download all data for this Star including notes and action plan"
    2. To delete the Star notes and/or action plan, too, choose "Yes, delete any action plan or notes associated with this Star". To cancel your request, choose "No, cancel this request" and the Star will remain on the system

      Wait! This star has notes
  9. A new page will now load, and this will ask you to give a reason for the deletion for the Star lead (and manager, if appropriate) to consider
    1. Select the relevant reason from the drop-down menu or choose 'other' from the drop-down and then enter a reason in the box below.
    2. If you select "it's a duplicate" you will be asked to select the Star that you want to keep and a list of potential Stars will appear. Select the relevant Star and continue
    3. If this Star does have notes or an action plan, you will be asked to tick a box to confirm again that you are happy to delete these, too

      Reasons to delete the star
  10. Click on the 'submit request' button in order to complete the request. Once it is either authorised or rejected, you will be informed
  11. The next page simply asks you what you'd like to do next - delete more Stars or go back to your dashboard

You can also find Stars and request their deletion via service user's dashboards:

  1. Find the relevant service user via the 'my clients' page or 'all clients' page, accessible from your dashboard
  2. Go to the service user's dashboard by clicking on 'view/edit'
  3. View their records panel ensuring Stars are displayed
  4. Click on the bin icon for the Star you want to delete
  5. Follow the instructions 7-11 above.

    Records of stars

 Last updated 24th September 2018 by Ruth Timmins