Deleting Stars

Workers and managers can request that submitted Star readings are completely removed from the Star Online when they are inaccurate.

Star leads cannot request deletion of a Star reading and instead are responsible for rejecting or processing Star reading deletion requests.

Data assurance measures

To ensure Star Online data is accurate, we have made it a term of use of the Star Online that Stars are only removed to enhance accuracy, and abuse of the deletions features is a breach of the terms of use of the Star Online. Stars must not be removed simply because they show slip-backs or a lack of progress - this is essential learning and would detract from the value and validity of your data.

In addition, requests are subject to review and approval by the Star lead and, in some cases, also by a service manager. It is up to the organisation to decide whether it is best for managers to approve deletion requests made by workers in their services before these requests are forwarded to the lead for action. See more about Star Online account settings.

Who can request that a Star is deleted? 

Any worker or manager who has access to view a service user's Stars can request that one of those Stars is deleted. How to make a request.

Who can authorise a Star deletion?

Account settingsStar leads need to authorise all Star deletions within their organisation's account, whether they are made by a manager user or a worker user.

There is an additional option for managers to approve these requests first and leads can change their organisation's settings via the 'account' page, if this is preferred. If so, all users with manager access to the relevant service, i.e. the service in which the Star was created, can approve requests or reject them but only one needs to do this for the request to be forwarded to the lead or rejected.

Who can delete a Star?

Only the Star lead can delete a Star.

What if we make a mistake?

Please try to avoid mistakes. There are many stages to the deletion process and this should prevent the majority of errors. But if you do make a mistake:

Cancel deletionYou can cancel a pending deletion request or ask your Star lead to contact the helpdesk. There are no guarantees that the Star Online helpdesk will be able to help and this may take some time but we will try.

Last updated 24th September 2018 by Ruth Timmins