"I'm a Star lead and I need to complete Stars for my caseload"

Most Star leads will not support a caseload directly and for this reason the Star lead user account does not have access to features such as the 'Complete Star with service user present' option. But for those Star leads who do manage a caseload, it is possible to achieve this using the Star Online. Please follow these instructions.

Star lead adding themselves as manager/ workerAdd yourself as a worker or manager to the service at which you support a caseload and would like to complete Stars with users.

When completing the ‘add manager or worker’ form, specify the same name, surname and email address but a different password from the one you have used for your Star lead account.

From there on, simply log in using your email address and the password you set up for the worker/manager account and you will be able to add service users, complete Stars and generally carry out the tasks a worker and manager might carry out.

When you need to carry out Star lead tasks, log out and log back in again using the Star lead password.

Your account's user numbers will be unaffected by this duplicate account, so long as you ensure to use the same email address as the Star lead account and your organisation will not be charged for this
additional account.

Further instances of users with the same email address will be counted against your worker limit, however. If you need to add Stars to more than one service, give the new user access to those services.

Last updated by Jo Johnson on 15 July 2013