Reviewing and comparing a service user's completed Stars

To review all of a client’s Stars, select this option from your dashboard. You’ll be presented with a list of all Service Users. Select the relevant user by clicking on ‘Select’ in the ‘Actions’ column. You’ll then see the ‘View service user's Stars’ page.

On this page you can see your completed Stars and compare their scores on the Star Chart. Once you have more than one completed Star you’ll be able to use the ‘Compare Stars” panel to compare Stars by clicking on the “show” and “hide” links on the right hand side. You can also print this page and view notes for the most recent Star using the buttons above the “Compare Stars’ panel.

Tip: Up to three completed sets of Star scores can be shown at once.

Gaining access to older Notes

You can view any set of notes by going to the Service User Dashboard and selecting “Notes” from the “Records” section in the bottom right of the page.