Step three - Creating an action plan

Before you start adding actions you can make sure that you are adding them for the correct Service User by checking Client ID, Service, Date of Star and who it was completed by, which are all displayed at the top of the action planning form.

To add a new goal and action

Selecting a scale for your action planSelect the first scale you want to work on from the drop-down menu. These can be completed in any order. You you can add more than one action for the same goal and multiple actions for the same scale. Once you’ve selected a scale the step for this scale will appear in the top right of the panel. In the ‘Enter a goal and action’ field, enter a goal and the action needed to move towards this goal.

This text will appear in the ‘goal and action’ column on the Star Chart and action plan PDF you can download and print at the end of the session.

Making a goal and actionWe recommend you enter “Goal:” and “Action:”, as shown on the right, to help present this well on the printable action plan as seen below. More information about effective action planning is available in the documentation for your Star.

Use the ‘Who will take this action?’ section to record your agreed actions and select a date by which you aim to complete it by.

If you are adding an action after it’s been completed you can use the ‘Date completed’ picker to choose a date when it was done.

When you’ve added the goal and action, press “Save” to record the first goal and action and start the next one.

Once the first action is saved you’ll see the ‘View Action plan’ page. From here you can mark actions as complete by pressing the ‘Mark as complete’ button. The system will then ask you if you want to choose a date or you can select ‘Today’.

To add another action select ‘Add new goal and action’ on this page.

Keep adding new goals and actions in the same way until you’re happy that your plan covers everything.

Editing and removing goals and actions

If you want to edit an action, press the edit button on the panel for the saved scale, the panel will then allow you to edit. To remove it, click the “remove” button. Note that the remove button will only appear once you have more than one action.

Clear the text boxTip: If you’re editing goals and actions and want to completely clear your original text from the box, you can use the ‘Clear text’ button.

View Star reading

When creating and editing the action plan, the related Star can be viewed using the “View Star reading” button at the top of the page.

Download and print

Use this option to generate a PDF version of the last worker-approved Star and it’s action plan.

Tip: The completed Star Chart opens in a new browser window so that it can easily be viewed while completing the action plan. If you can, use your web browser tabs to switch quickly between the action plan and the Star Chart to cross reference them.

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