Action planning

The system allows you to easily add and save action plans associated with a service users’ last completed worker-approved Star. All action plans are stored on the system and can be easily accessed via the service user dashboard.

Step one – see below
Step two - two options for action plans
Step three - Creating an action plan
Viewing action plans

Step one – start the process

New action plans can be added by workers and managers from the dashboard, service user dashboard and Your Star pages. Existing, older plans can be accessed via the service user dashboard.

If starting from your dashboard

Add an action planOn your dashboard (managers and workers only), click on the “Add or update action plans” button. You will then need to select the service user the action plan is for.

If starting from the ‘Your Star’ page

Create an action planIf you’ve just completed a Star and want to add an action plan to it, select the ‘Create an action plan’ option on the ‘Your Star’ page. It’s below the list of previously completed Stars.

The Star Online will automatically associate this action plan with the service user whose Star you are viewing.

If starting from the service user dashboard

Add an action plan from service user dashboardNavigate to the service user dashboard for the person you wish to create an action plan for. From the service user dashboard, select “Add an action plan”.

Which Star is the action plan associated with?

Whatever route you come from, the new plan will be associated with the most recent worker-approved Star completed for the service user selected/identified. It is not possible to create action plans for older or client only Stars.


What is a worker-approved Star

Worker-approved Stars are those where the worker and service user have agreed on the reading and notes or where the worker has completed the Star reading without the involvement of the service user (e.g. because the service user is not ready to engage with the Star, or where the service user and worker could not agree and therefore completed a Star reading each). The worker-approved Star is used in reports and as the basis for action planning because the worker has the duty of care.

Next step – two options for new action plans