The Star Online lead user

The role of lead user is an important one and must be understood by organisations. It should be carefully allocated to an appropriate individual with the time and expertise required.

If you are allocating this person or you have taken on this role, please read the responsibilities below.

  1. The lead can view, edit and delete any and all data entered by an organisation and therefore must be covered by your organisation's data protection policy and be trained in data protection best practice.
  2. In addition, they form an important link between the helpdesk and the organisation's users, e.g. your workers, managers and administrators. They are contacted when there is planned downtime, invited to contribute feedback on new features and passed critical troubleshooting information. They are responsible for passing this information on internally.
  3. They also provide an internal expert on the Star Online, providing support to users.
  4. They will be the only person, in most instances, within the organisation who can carry out some critical features, such as deleting erroneous Stars, adding managers, upgrading the account, setting up the account and running certain organisation-wide reports and closing or renewing the account.
  5. They are responsible for ensuring the account is managed in a way that meets the terms and conditions of the Star Online, including ensuring that all service user information is anonymised by using a unique anonymised ID.

When logging into the Star Online, the lead user can:

  • Add services to their organisation’s account
  • View and edit services in their organisation
  • Add workers and managers to these services and close worker and manager accounts, preventing users from logging in
  • Add workers and managers to these services and close worker and manager accounts, preventing users from logging in
  • Upgrade the number of licences the organisation holds
  • Review and edit service user details for any service user in that service, including sensitive data
  • Run some reports
  • Access Star readings for all service users, including Star Notes which often contain sensitive information
  • Access action plans for all service users, which often include sensitive information
  • Delete any and all data without additional authorisation
  • Access resources, such as the PDF guides for the Star all of the services they manage are using along with information about the Star Online, including this knowledge-base.



 Updated by Jo Johnson on 16 April 2019