Can I view reports on the Star diagram?

Yes. Some tables within the reports can be displayed on a Star, giving a visual picture of change for a group of service users, for instance, an entire caseload, service or organisation.

To view the report Star, first generate the report you require and then click on the ‘View on Star’ button below the ‘Average Increase and Decrease in Scores for Each Scale’ button. The Star will be generated in a new tab or window (depending on your browser’s settings). It may take a few moments for the Star to load.

The first and second reading averages are shown as Star readings and the change is, of course, shown visually as the gap between the two, rather than as a number (which is given on the table, if required).

On the right of the screen, the first and second reading colours are identified and below this is a description of the data you are displaying. You can print this page using the ‘Print this Star’ button above.

These Stars can be useful when updating anyone who has an interest in the achievements and effectiveness of your service, such as commissioners, senior managers, donors and fundraisers. They can also be useful to present at staff meetings to help quickly share the overview of outcomes for the service or the organisation as a whole.