‘Sorry you don’t have enough data for that report’ message

If you receive a message saying that there is insufficient data to run the report or indicating that fewer service users are included than you would expect, there are a number of possible reasons.

Not enough data for your report blurb

Do you have two or more Stars for at least one service users?

The most common reason for this is that an insufficient number of service users have completed two or more Stars. The Star Online's reports are designed to show change and therefore require two Stars, completed over time. While you may have 100 service users on the system with one completed Star, until you have a service user with two completed Stars, your reports will not run.

Similarly, if you have 100 service users on the Star Online and only one of those has been with the service long enough to have completed two Star readings, only that one service user will appear in reports as you will see from the information displayed on the report.

Are your Stars recorded as completed by the worker or worker and service user?

Star Completed by Client OnlyIf you have recorded Stars as having been completed by the service-user only, they will not appear in reports. Only worker-approved Stars are included in reports in order to ensure consistency and because the worker has the duty of care; this is explained in the Organisation Guide for each
version of the Outcomes Star.

Star completed by client and workerIf a worker and service user agree on the Star reading, the Star should be entered on the Star Online as completed by the 'worker and service user'. If they cannot agree, two readings should be entered – for one select "service user only" and the other "worker only". The worker-only reading will be included in reports.

Have you applied filters?

Filtering the wrong clientsIf you have applied one or more advanced filters, such as age range or ethnicity to the report, try setting these drop-downs to ‘all’ and resubmitting your report. This will help you determine whether the issue is due to your filtering selections, e.g. you have filtered out all the men in the service and no women exist on the Star Online with two or more worker-approved Stars.

Explore whether the information, such as gender, age or ethnicity, have been entered for all service users. If so, perhaps this reveals a gap in the service users you are supporting.

If you apply multiple filters, for instance, the age range filter, e.g. Teenager (12-15), plus an ethnicity filter, e.g. Caribbean, and women only, you will only be able to get a report if there is one or more person on the Star Online with this combination of characteristics entered on their profile.