What kinds of reports are available and how can they be accessed?

Reports overviewDifferent users have access to different reports.

Workers can run reports on:

Managers can run reports on:

  • The caseload(s) of any worker in any services they manage
  • Any service using any Star for which they have been given manager permissions
  • New! Their service(s) for one year at a time
  • Compare their service internally and externally against services in other organisations using the Star Online (so long as they are using the same Star)
  • Raw data for the services they manage.

Star Online leads can run reports on:

  • Any Star that is used by your organisation
  • Any service, including internal comparison reports
  • New! Their service(s) for one year at a time
  • A comparison of all services in your organisation using the same Star
  • The entire organisation, including comparing the whole organisation against other organisations that are using the Star Online (so long as they use the same Star)
  • New! The entire organisation for one year at a time
  • Raw data for the entire organisation
  • If your organisation is using more than one Star, reports will need to be for one Star at a time. It is not possible (or meaningful) to cross-compare different Star results within the Star Online reports.

Only worker-approved Stars are included in reports

Worker approved starsWorker-approved Stars are those where the worker and service user have agreed the scores and notes or where the worker has completed the Star without the involvement of the
service user, e.g. because the service user is not ready to engage with the Star, or where the service user and worker could not agree and therefore completed a Star reading each. The worker-approved Star is used in reports and as the basis for action planning because the worker has the duty of care


Last updated by Ruth Timmins 6 October 2015