Quick Star data entry

The quick Star tool is designed for entering Star readings that have previously been completed using a paper version of a Star Chart. This option should never be used when working face-to-face with a service user. The ‘Live Star’ option, accessible from your dashboard (managers and workers only), is designed for use in keywork.

To use the quick Star data entry tool, click on 'Enter a Star reading' from your dashboard or main menu and you will be able to choose it from the next screen.


Select the service user and worker who completed the Star reading

Select the service user

Identify the service user whose Star you would like to enter either by entering their identifier in the box presented or using the 'find service user' button to browse a list of existing service users. If you're certain the service user doesn't already exist you can add them by entering their identifier and then clicking on the 'add this user now' button.

Select the worker who completed the Star

The Star Online will assume the person logged into the system is the person who completed the Star reading. If you're entering a Star you completed with a service user, then you don't need to make a change. If you're entering it for a colleague, click on "select a different worker” and a new screen will be presented enabling you to select other workers. Click on “Select” in the Actions column to choose another worker. The currently selected worker is shown on the “Who completed this Star?” page.

Enter the reading (scale points) and other useful information

Once you’ve selected and confirmed the details of the service user the quick Star form will load. To complete the Star reading, simply click on the radio buttons for each scale (these toggle on and off) to enter the scale points. A quick reminder of the detail of each scale is available by hovering over the ‘i’ icons on the left.

Quick Star form

Who completed this Star? Collaborative completion

You can choose between three options to show whether the reading was completed collaboratively or not and these match the options on the Star Charts:

  • Worker and service user together
  • Worker only
  • Service user only - these Stars are not included in on-screen reports and some lists.

The aim is for all Star readings to be completed collaboratively between the worker and service user. If the worker and the service user can't agree, they can record two readings - one for each person's view.

Read guidance on collaborative Star completion

Is it a retrospective or Standard Star reading?

If you and your client completed this Star by looking back at how they were in an earlier period in time, for instance a year ago, you can mark the Star as ‘retrospective'. This will present you with an option to enter a specific date using a calendar picker to indicate the general time period the Star reading refers back to you.

Care should be used when selecting 'retrospective' as these Stars are treated differently in the Star Online and are hidden from reports and lists by default.

If the Star reading was completed by reflecting on how the service user was in the present then select 'Standard Star'. 

Read guidance on retrospective Star readings.

When was the Star reading completed?

If the Star reading is a standard reading, you will see a separate panel below with a field to enter the date the Star reading was completed.

Submit and next options

Review the information you've entered to ensure it's correct, then use the submit button to save the Star reading. You will now be given a number of options to carry out your next steps:

  • Enter notes for this Star reading
  • Enter a new quick Star for a different service user
  • View the Star reading
  • Continue working with this service user - use this to enter action plans or further Star readings for the same service user. 

quick star save confirm