Step seven - Your Star page

Your Star page

On this page you can see your completed Stars and compare their scores on the Star Chart. Once you have more than one completed Star you’ll be able to use the ‘Compare Stars” panel to compare Stars by selecting the “show” and “hide” links on the right hand side.

Tip: Up to three completed sets of Star scores can be shown at once.

Changing a Star

After reviewing the Star reading on this page, you have one final chance to change the scores entered on any of the scales. To do this, click on the "Change this Star" button in the sidebar to go back to the “Complete your Star” page. Click on the scales you want to change and enter your new score. Once you’ve finished editing you can submit the Star again, as you did before.

This page, viewed immediately after you have submitted the Star reading is the only time you can edit the scores on a Star reading after completion. If you decide at a later date that you need to change the scores, you will need to delete the Star and re-enter it.

Tip: You may wish to print or make a note of your original scores before you begin this process as you will not be able to see which scores you chose originally.

Creating an action plan

Once a new Star has been completed, an online action plan can be created and saved within the system for future reference. More about action plans.

Create another version

This option should only be used if the worker and service user don’t agree about their scores. There’s no need to use this feature if you saved your completed Star as being completed by “worker and service user”. This option is only applicable if you’ve already completed a Star as either “worker only” or “service user only”.

How it works

Click on this button and you’ll see the ‘Complete your Star’ page again. Complete the Star with the second set of scores, using the notes feature to record the difference of opinion. When all scales are completed, “Generate Star”. At this stage you’ll be given a choice of “Worker only”, “Worker and service user” and “Client only”.

Tip: You may wish to print or make a note of the scores from the first version of the Star before you begin this process as you will not be able to view and compare the two Stars.

Help options

All of the pages in the Star completion area of the Star Online have helpful hints which can be accessed by hovering over the “Need help?” buttons.