Step six - Who completed this star?

Once you’ve generated your Star you’ll see the “New Star completed” page. If you and your service user are both in agreement about their scores, select “Worker and service user” and continue. This Star will be used in Star Online reports.

New Star completed - worker and service user

It is important that all Star readings should be agreed by the worker and the service user where possible. For a detailed discussion of how to work with "service user only" and "worker only" Stars, see this knowledge base page.

If you disagree

Create another versionIf you and your service user don’t agree you can select “worker only” or “service user only” and continue. On the next screen you’ll be able to complete a second version of the Star with different scores.

See “Create another version” in the “your Star page” section.

Why create another version?

Only worker-approved Stars are included in reports. If you select "service user only", the Star will be useful for the individual service user to reflect on within keywork but will be discounted from all Star Online reports used by your organisation for analysis and service improvement.

Using only worker-approved Stars in Star Online reports helps ensure the consistency and accuracy of Star readings included in reports. Otherwise, one person's 3 could be another person's 7 and it would be very hard to measure service-wide change in a valuable way.

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