Step three the scale page

The scale page shows the brief visual scale at full size with options to record a scale point (number). There is a scale page for each of the Star's scales.

Following guidance from training and from the Star's materials, read the scale together with the service user and assess which point best describes the service user's current situation.

Once you have agreed on a scale point, select the relevant number in the “Where are you” panel on the right hand side of the screen. This will take you to the next step where you can enter a note to accompany the reading for this scale.

Detailed scales for each scale point can be accessed by hovering over the ‘i’ icon next to each number in the "Where are you" panel. This is the same longer description for each scale that is provided in the relevant publication for the Star you are using, for instance, the User Guide.

What to do if worker and service user can’t agree

If you and your service user can’t agree on scores for their Star, you can record two different versions of a Star, one for the service user and one for the worker.

Instructions on how to do this can be accessed on all scale pages by hovering over the "Can’t agree?" button. There may be further guidance on this in the documentation for your Star, please check.

Next step – enter Star Notes