Step one - enter the service userís ID

To begin live Star completion, select the "Enter a Star reading" button from the dashboard or main menu. You will then be prompted to identify the service user. They must be added to the system before the Star can be entered.

If you've started from the service user's profile page, you will skip this step as you will have already identified the service user.

Has the service user already been added to the Star Online?


If they have, there are two options:

  1. If you have it to hand, enter the service user ID and press “Continue”. This is the quickest option but you’ll need to get the spelling and capitalisation exactly right to proceed. You’ll be asked to confirm the user's details before continuing.
  2. Search for the service user using the “Find service user” button. This links to a list of all the service users you have access to. Narrow down the list by selecting options from the drop down menus and pressing “Apply filter”. Once you’ve found your service user, press the “Select” link in the “Actions” column. You’ll be asked to confirm the user's details before continuing.


If the service user hasn’t already been added, you can add them now. Enter a new ID into the “Enter the ID here” box and then press the “Add this user now” button. 

Tip: It’s vital that you make sure you’re using the correct ID for a Service User as the completed Star will be allocated to that user and cannot be changed without deleting and re-entering the Star.

Tip: When entering a date of birth for a service user, the format must be DD/MM/YYYY.

Next step - choose a scale