Live Star completion (with a service user present)

Live Star completion illustration.pngCompleting a Star with a service user should be a slow, thought-provoking experience. The live Star completion tool enables workers and service users to complete the Star together on-screen, where that's appropriate and helpful. Alternatively, workers can complete Stars on paper and then use the quick Star data entry tool instead.

Live Star completion involves the following steps:

Follow the steps above to complete your first live Star. If you think you might need to pause and resume the Star after a break, continue reading.

Save & Exit

As the process can take time and interruptions and useful pauses may need to take place, there are options to save and exit a Star during completion. Once a single score for one scale has been entered, you will notice 'save & exit' buttons on each screen. They are on the right of the screen,
below the main menu.

Resume StarTo resume a part-completed Star, visit the service user's dashboard and you will see it appear in the records section.

If you are unaware that there is a part-completed Star for a service user and attempt to begin a fresh Star with them,
you will be prompted to either delete
the earlier part-completed Star
and start again or resume.

Only Stars that are submitted as final and worker-approved are included in Star Online reports, so remember to submit the Star once all scales are completed and agreed. You will be prompted to do this.

Submit this star reading as final



 Last updated by Jo Johnson on 19th July 2017