Choose the right Star reading entry tool – ‘live Star completion’ and 'quick Star data entry’

There are two ways to enter Star data, both of which are accessed using the "Enter a Star reading" button on your dashboard (workers and managers only).

Star entry tool chooser

This button links to the screen shown here, which presents the two options clearly and explains which tool is best for which situation. From here, workers and managers can click on the most appropriate option for the Star reading(s) they are entering.

Both tools will always be available when you choose ‘Enter a Star reading’ so you can pick the best tool for each Star.

Live Star completion 

When you complete a Star reading on screen with a service user, use the live Star completion tool. It's designed for use with a service user and includes the brief visual scales.

It will be recorded with today's date and with you as the worker.

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Quick Star data entry

When you enter a Star reading that was completed on paper, use the quick Star data entry tool. It's easy, fast and you can set the date the Star was completed and say which worker completed it.

This tool isn't designed for use with a service user.

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