How to view and change a service userís details

Service users details are stored on the Star Online and are accessible to workers and managers who support them. This means that a manager can view service user details for any service user in any service for which he or she has ‘manager’ access on the Star Online. Workers can view details for any service user at the service they work at.

To access the service user’s details, go to your dashboard and click on the ‘my clients’ or ‘all clients’ buttons. Both will present you with a list of service users. The ‘my client’s button will only show the service users that you support, while the ‘all clients’ button will show all services that you have permission to view.

How to view clients

Once you have found the service user you are looking for, click on ‘view/edit’ for that person, and this will load the ‘service user dashboard’ for this individual. From here, click edit to change any of the information stored on the service user.