Allocating service users to workers

If you’re logged in as a worker, new service users that you add will automatically be allocated to your caseload. Managers can select the worker who will support this service user.

A worker cannot allocate a service user to another worker. If the worker for a service user changes, this must updated on the Star Online by a manager. Workers needing to move a service user to another worker should ask their manager to do this.

Reallocating a service user from one worker to another (managers only)

To do this, navigate to the service user dashboard and select ‘Edit’. On the ‘service user details’ page you can select the new worker from the drop down menu under the heading ‘Which worker is supporting this person?’. A service user cannot be reallocated to a worker in a different service at present.

Tip: Everything apart from the unique ID and keyworker is optional data. All other data can be added at any time from the service user dashboard.

Coming soon! We are exploring how the Star Online could better support organisations where a service user moves between services during a single period of support. Stay tuned to the coming soon page to find out more.