Adding service users

Before starting to add Star data for your service users, you will need to add them to the system. Each service user has to be added individually and is allocated a unique ID which allows you to identify them when using the Star Online.

Unique identifiers - protect your service users' privacy

Never use the service user's real name on the Star Online to protect the identity of the people you work with. Instead, use a unique ID.

The unique ID should NOT include the person's first or last name, their nickname, their initials or their address (or room number for residential services).

Real names should NOT be entered on any screen of the Star Online, including within Star Notes and action plan entries.

If unique IDs are not common practice at your service, we recommend you record the unique IDs used on the Star Online and the real names they correspond to and store this list in a locked cabinet so that staff can refer to them as needed.

Following these guidelines will help ensure you are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the terms and conditions of the Star Online, and are doing everything possible to safeguard your service users' privacy.

If you're concerned you may need to change any IDs, you can change a service user's unique ID at any time very easily. Just remember to keep an updated list of who is who in a locked cabinet.

How to add a service user

A service user can be added via a number of places in the system:

a) One method is to go to the dashboard and select ‘add a service user’ in the ‘Service Users’ panel. 

Adding an SU  

b) If you’re adding a new service user and a Star for that user at the same time, select ‘complete a new Star’ on the dashboard and ‘add this user now’ on the ‘enter service user’s ID' page.

Both of these methods will take you through to the ‘new service user’ screen.

Add this user now

The ‘new service user’ screen

On the ‘new service user’ screen, enter your client’s unique ID – this must not include their first or last name, their nickname, their initials, their address or room number (see above).

New add a service user

The service user ID field is not case sensitive, i.e if you use caps lock when adding a service user you can find them using the lower case equivalent.

If you are a manager user, you must also select the keyworker who will support this person.
This is the minimum amount of information that you need to add to the system to start adding Stars for this individual.
You will be invited to tick a 'confirm this unique ID is anonymous' checkbox to confirm that you have not included information in the service user's ID which could be used to identify them. This is a reminder of the Star Online's security policy regarding the storage of sensitive information.
You can also add their date of birth, or select their approximate age band if date of birth is unknown, enter support needs, gender and ethnicity from the drop-down menus provided, if you wish.
Supplying these extra details means that reports can be segmented to give more meaningful results and your organisation may have guidance on this matter.

Support needs

Support NeedsEach Outcomes Star has a set of support needs associated with it. When you’re adding a new service user you can select the needs that apply to them from the list, simply tick the boxes for the needs that apply. These can always be edited from the service user dashboard if the service users’ needs change.

This additional information is very useful when running reports for your caseload, service and organisation, and will allow you to compare your work with a benchmark average of all other organisations using the same Star on the Star Online.

Tip! If you are logged in as a worker, the new service user will be automatically allocated to your caseload. Managers can reallocate service users to different workers in the same service. To allocate a service user to a different worker, a manager must add the service user or edit the service user's details.


Updated by Paul Martin on 25 May 2018