I'm a manager or worker and I want to change my login details

You can change your password via your profile page within the Star Online.

  1. Log in to the Star Online
  2. Your dashboard will appear
  3. At the top right of the screen you will see a 'my profile' button - click on this

    My profile button
  4. Your profile page will appear
  5. Locate the 'reset password' button and click on this

    Reset password button
  6. The 'change password' screen will now appear
  7. Type your new password into the 'reset password' field

    password not strong enough
  8. Keep adding characters to your password until the strength meter gives you a rating of 'very strong'.

    If you are having difficulty thinking of a password which is secure enough, try using a short, memorable sentence like "I don't like Monday traffic", or a list of three things, for instance an animal, a colour and a food.

    Change your password criteria
  9. Enter exactly the same password in the 'confirm password' field
  10. Click on submit to complete the process. 

I can't log in

I've lost my password/log in details