Logging in to the Star Online

Login screenTo access the Star Online, you need login details. This will include your email address and a password.

Where do I get login details? 

If you are the lead person for the Star Online at your organisation, you should have been invited to set a password for your account when it was initially activated. If you don't remember what it is, try resetting your password.

If you are a manager or worker, someone else at your organisation will set this up for you.

I've forgotten my password

You can reset your password at any time. All you need is the email address used to set up your account. Follow these instructions.

I've forgotten what email address was used for my Star Online account

If you are the Star lead, please contact the helpdesk. They will be able to see the email address that has been used.

If you are a worker or manager, please contact your manager or Star lead respectively.

incorrect login detailsMy login details aren't recognised

If you get a message saying your login details aren't recognised, either your email address or password, or both, are wrong. 

Try to reset your password as a first step. If this doesn't work for you contact your manager, Star lead, or if you are the lead, the Star Online helpdesk.

I can't reset my password – it says my email address isn't recognised!

First try again and make sure you have no typos. If that doesn't work, has your email address changed recently? You must use the exact email address as it is on the Star Online in order to reset your password.

Updating your detailsAs a manager or worker you can update your login details, including your email address, via your profile but you will need to log in first using your original email address and password.

As a Star Lead you can update your login details, including your email address, via the Star lead tab on the account button but you will need to log in first using your original email address and password.

If you get stuck at this point:

Star leads – please contact the helpdesk. One of the team will be able to see what email address has been used.

Workers and managers – please contact your manager and Star lead respectively, and ask them to check your email address within the Star Online. They should look for any accidental typos, and correct them, and also check the email address is up to date.

I've recently signed up for the Star Online and I can't log in

Have you received an email confirming that your account is active and providing you with the licence details? If not, your organisation's account may not have been activated yet.

Accounts are activated after the fee is received and once training has been booked or carried out – this last is to ensure only quality use of the Star.

Please ensure that these two matters are in hand to speed up your account activation and contact info@triangleconsulting.co.uk if you are certain that they are. 

Once your account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email from the helpdesk telling you how to get started.

If you have received the confirmation email and still cannot log in, please contact the helpdesk. If you do not know the helpdesk email address please check your inbox for the confirmation email. If you have not received it please contact info@triangleconsulting.co.uk.

I'm a manager/Star lead user and someone has asked me to help them log in – I don't know what to do!

Users require two things to log in to their Star Online account - their email address and a password. If someone is having trouble and has contacted you for help, first check that the email address on their account is correct. To do this:

  1. correcting an email addressLog in to the Star Online using your own account
  2. Your dashboard will now appear
  3. Click on 'view colleagues' in the 'overview' panel 
  4. Use the search and/or filters to find the relevant colleague
  5. When you see their information on the list, click on the pencil icon to view/edit the person's profile
  6. When the profile appears, check the email address shown
  7. If this is not correct, or includes a typo, click on 'edit profile'
  8. Now change/correct the email address and save changes. 

Once you are sure the email address is correct, tell your colleague to try logging in again using this email address. 

If they still have trouble, they may need to reset their password.

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Last updated by Ruth Timmins on 27th September 2016