Changing workers' details

My profile buttonWorkers can change most of their own details by clicking on ‘my profile’ in the banner. Here they can change their details, including their password.

Managers and Star leads can alter workers' details by:

  • Going to the dashboard
  • Clicking on 'view colleagues’ button within the ‘Overview’ panel
  • This will load a list of workers
  • From there you can choose ‘view/edit’ for the worker and make changes to their profile
  • Make sure you save before navigating away from the page.

    Edit the colleague's account

If you manage more than one service, you will need to select the service that the worker is allocated to first, then the worker.

Workers cannot alter which service they are allocated to – this can be changed by a manager of more than one service if the manager has access to both services in question i.e. the service the worker is currently allocated to the the service the worker is to be allocated to. The Star Online lead user can also change the service a worker is allocated to. In addition, workers cannot give themselves manager access to the system and this must be addressed by a Star Online lead user.

Tip! We recommend at least one person is set up as a manager of all services within the organisation in order that they can carry out tasks of changing workers details across the board.

Adding workers