How to add a service

To add a service, you must be a Star Online lead user. Log in to the system and use the ‘add a service’ task button on your dashboard. You will see the 'Service Details' form.

Lead tasks panel 03052018

Enter the details required, including the Star this service will use, and save.

Add a service 03052018

A service can only use one Star. If your organisation uses more than one Star within a service, set up a separate service for each Star, using related names like "My Service (Life Star)" and "My Service (Community Star)" for instance. Then make sure you give your users access to each of the services where necessary.

To review your services, use the 'view services' button on the dashboard, in the overview panel. The 'view services' page contains information about your services, including the name, the Star in use and the number of service users, workers and Star readings at the service. You can also search and filter the list to find particular services, and click through to edit services' details.

Service listing as lead 03052018

How to edit the details for a service

 Last updated by Ruth Timmins 3rd May 2018