Step one – setting up “services” and reflecting your organisation's structure

Set up one serviceThe first step to setting up an account is to set up a Star Online “service” for each real-life service, aka team, project, site, cohort or other group of colleagues that will be using the system to complete Stars with service users.

A service can only use one version of the Outcomes Star so be sure to set up at least one service for each Star your colleagues need to use.

Each service can have one or a number of managers, any number of workers* and any number of service users. Learn more about the difference between worker and manager user types.

Starting your first service

Service users exist in a single service only but managers and workers can be given permission to access more than one service.

A service can use one Star only but all organisations with a licence to use the Star Online can set up as many services as they like without incurring extra costs and each service can use a different Star, if needed, again with no extra cost to your organisation.

Leads are offered a free call to support them in their early days using the system and we recommend you take us up on the offer to talk through how to best segment your organisation's account into services.

Tip! Don’t set up a single service for all of the managers and workers in your organisation or for groups of projects. This would reduce the value of the reports you will be able to generate via the Star Online. There is no cost benefit to doing this. If you want someone to be able to look at Stars and reports for a group of services, you can set that person up as a manager of those services.

How to add a service

Next step - adding "managers" and "workers" to your "services"


Last updated by Jo Johnson, 6th August 2018