Adding workers

Star leads can add workers to any service. Managers can give workers access to one or more of the services that they themselves manage. Remember that each worker (and manager) added to your account uses up a licence and follow any internal procedures your organisation has in relation to allocating licences.

  1. Log in as a manager or Star lead.
  2. Lead users click on 'Add a worker or manager' in the 'Tasks' panel on the dashboard. For managers the button says 'Add a worker'.

    Adding a manager or worker
  3. In the relevant boxes enter the person's first and last name and their email address. Be careful to enter the address correctly, as we will sometimes need this to communicate with them, for instance to invite them to activate their account, or if they ever need to reset their password.

    add a colleague details
  4. Check the relevant boxes in the 'Service permissions' section to give the account manager or worker access to services, noting two things:
    1. The lead and manager can give them access to as many services as is useful for their work with no extra cost to your organisation,
    2. Managers can only give a user account worker access services, and can only do this at services where they themselves have manager permissions,
    3. At each service they have access to, they will be able to access details of all service users and their Stars, Star Notes and action plans.
    add a colleague services
  5. Now click either 'Save and send invitation' or 'Save only' at the bottom of the page.
    save only and save and send invitation buttons
    Clicking 'Save and send invitation' will send an invitation email to the worker with instructions on how to set a password for their account and log into the system.
    If you click 'Save only' then the system will not notify the user that their account has been set up. If you choose this option you can send them an invitation at a later date via the button on their worker profile (see below), or else you can tell them to set their password and log into their account by going through the password reset process.

How can I check if a new user has logged in to their account?

Go to your dashboard while logged in as a manager or the Star lead, and click 'View colleagues' in the Overview panel. This takes you to the 'Managers & Workers' page, which lists all managers and workers in your services. The third column of this list, called 'Last login', shows the date on which the user last logged in. If they have never logged in, it will contain the word 'Never'.

If you have a lot of managers or workers in your services you may need to use the options at the top of the page to help you find the one you're looking for. You can filter the list of workers by service or by keyword (e.g. the person's name).

What if they have not received the invitation email?

You can send or resend the invitation from the worker or manager's profile page. To access their profile page, first find them on the 'Managers & Workers' page, by following the instructions in the previous section, then click the pencil icon in the actions column.

You should first check that you have entered their email address correctly. If not, you can update it by clicking the 'Edit profile' button.

If you're sure the email address is correct, you can send or resend the invitation by clicking the 'Send invitation' or 'Resend invitation' button in the Status panel on the right.

status panel

Creating managers

Only Star Online leads can create manager users. See the set up guide for details.

Changing workers details