Step two - adding managers and workers to your services

Adding a manager or workerNow that you've set up your services, your next step is to add manager users to your Star Online account, giving them access to the relevant services.

Only Star Online leads can add managers to the system but, once added, managers can add worker users to their services.

Each user added to your Star Online account uses up one of your system licences so you may want to give managers guidance about adding workers, e.g. how many they can add before seeking your authorisation or agree only you or named colleagues will add new users.

Managers can also add service users to the Star Online and can generate some reports that workers do not have access to.
More on the manager user type.

Managers can also use the “Complete Star”, quick data entry and action planning features, if they wish.

Consider giving other colleagues “manager” access

Each service can have one or a number of manager users and Star Online leads might like to discuss with the manager who within their service should have the same level of access to the Star Online as him/herself.

It is possible and sometimes useful to set up the following with “manager" access so that they can share access to all of the data for the service and carry out manager-only tasks, such as adding new workers or running certain reports.

  • Assistant managers or supervisors
  • Project administrator and/or other workers with admin responsibilities.

You will need to bear in mind the added access that manager users have to service user data, including action plans, and material such as colleague's caseload reports, when making this decision.

Tip! When you signed up to use the Star Online you will have purchased a licence for the number of workers and managers who use the Star with service users. If you want increase the number of workers and managers who can use the Star Online, for instance because the service has grown or you are rolling out the Star to other services, you can do this from the 'account' page.

Adding manager permissions

How to add a manager user

To add a manager, follow the guide to adding a worker and select the service or services to which the colleague needs “manager” access.

A tick box list for the "manager" role shows all the services that have been added to your organisation so far. Tick a box for each of the services to which the colleague should have manager access. This will automatically grant the person a "worker" role at these same services, enabling them to carry out all tasks for this service.

If the person has a caseload at additional services but should not have manager access, you can tick boxes for these services from the "worker" role list.  This gives you quite a bit of flexibility to set up manager users so think through how much data you want them to have access to at each service and apply their access accordingly.

Tip! Consider setting up your chief executive or their assistant as a manager with access to all services, allowing them to run reports for presentation at board and management meetings. This is also a good option for colleagues who need regular access to organisation-wide data.

Next step - consider delegating the job of adding workers to your managers