A Star leadís guide to setting up your Star Online system licence account

This set-up guide provides step-by-step instructions to enable you to get your organisation up and running with the Star Online. Star Online users tell us that it is very simple and intuitive to set up services and add workers to the system, however, it does require a bit of quiet time to do this. We recommend Star leads set aside an uninterrupted hour to work through these steps. 

Five set up steps

Tip! You must have at least one service set up before you add colleagues and service users. Equally you must have at least one colleague set up before you add service users. If you have not yet added the required service or colleague there are some helpful messages in place that prompt you to do so.

Is there a PDF of the set-up guide?

Yes, you can download a PDF version of the set-up guide or continue reading the guide online by clicking on the "next step" link below.

The set-up guide is not...

The set-up guide is not a guide to using the Outcomes Star with clients or implementing the Outcomes Star within an organisation. For guidance, please refer to this research on good practice in implementing the Star, the Organisation Guide for the version of the Outcomes Star you are using and information on training in the Outcomes Star.

Next step - setting up services

 Last updated by Ruth Timmins on 14th February 2019