Help with using the Star Online

The Star Online system is intuitive and easy to use, however, inevitably questions will arise from time to time and there are systems in place to provide the support needed.


The knowledge-base is available from the dashboard when logged into the Star Online. It contains helpful instructions on each aspect of using the system. Visit the knowledge-base now.


The Star lead for each organisation has access to the Star Online helpdesk which is covered 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (GMT). Manager and worker users should ask their Star lead for support in the first instance.


Help with using the Outcomes Star


Training on the Outcomes Star itself is available from licensed Outcomes Star trainers. Find out more about Outcomes Star training.

Guidance materials

Each version of the Outcomes Star comes with extensive guidance materials for workers and managers. These are available to you via your dashboard.






Last updated by Jo Johnson 9th October 2017