Microsoft Azure server outage 4th September 2019

A server outage occurred at Microsoft Azure's UK West data centre on 4th September 2019 resulting in unexpected downtime. The team successfully completed all steps to restore the site and no data was lost. 

A server outage is extremely unusual and unlikely to happen again. We would like to reassure you the site is perfectly safe for you to continue to enter data. 

The outage occurred at 4 am on Wednesday 4th September (UK time). It affected a number of websites, including the Star Online. The team addressed the issue as an emergency, switching to our secondary data centre in order to resume service urgently and the system was backonline at 9:45 am the same day.

Then, on Thursday, 6th September at 4:00 pm, we optimised our configuration for even faster failover in future. This involved 20 minutes of downtime. Lastly, at midday today, we restored the system to the primary data centre with 1.5 hours of downtime. This completed the steps to fully address this unexpected issue.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the original issue and as we carried out essential steps to restore service and we thank all users for your patience and understanding.

If you have any concerns or questions, your Star lead can contact the helpdesk.