Merging Star lead and user accounts privacy and management implications

User accounts should only be merged if they are only used by the Star lead.

If the Star lead personally uses one or more worker/manager user accounts to carry out other tasks, it is a great idea to merge them as you will only need to login once to carry out all your activities once you migrate to the new Star Online system some time in early 2020.

If the worker/manager user sharing the lead's email address is another person, or it's shared with another person, they should not be merged. There are significant management and privacy implications to merging the Star lead account with a worker/manager’s user account where they are used by different people. It will also add complexity when we help you migrate to the new Star Online system.

Management implications

The Star lead’s permissions will be given to the other person once you move to the new system. This means they could add potentially add new workers/managers, increasing licensing costs to your organisation, close workers, preventing them from logging in, change worker/manager service permissions and delete Stars without oversight.

Privacy implications

The Star lead has access to view and download every service users’ data within the Star Online, including Star Notes and Action Plans which may contain very sensitive, personal information. They can also give other colleagues access to view service user data in additional services.

If they are used by different people, merging the Star lead user with a worker/manager user will result in the worker/manager accessing all service user data in your organisation’s Star Online account when you move to the new system.

Email rules are different on the new Star Online system

The new Star Online system will use two-factor authentication. To log in each day, all Star Online users will need to be able to receive an email containing a code – so their email address will need to be unique and they will need easy access to the mailbox.

If your organisation has a large number of users sharing email addresses, don’t worry. We’ll be in touch with all organisations to help address this before migration.

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