Coming soon... the new and improved Star Online system

The new version of the Star Online is in development and will be available to new customers from December 2019 and existing customers will be migrated to the new system from January 2020. We will be in touch with all Star leads to work through the nuts and bolts of migration and we will use in-app notifications to highlight key information. We also recommend you sign up for the Outcomes Star newsletter.

Find out about what is changing for users with a Star Online system licence

We’ve prepared this document for existing customers, identifying the key changes and anything that will be different in the new system. Download (PDF).

More information about the new system and screenshots showing how it will look can be found in this short briefing ‘Introducing the new Outcomes Star Online’ (PDF).

If you have any questions about any of these changes and what they mean for your organisation, please contact your implementation lead from Triangle or contact your Star lead.

Key change: email address rules will be different in the new system to enhance security

In the new Star Online system, we are introducing two-factor authentication (entering a security code as well as a password when you log in) to bring us in line with best practice across our sector. Security codes will be emailed to each user – making it important that each user has a unique email address with a mailbox they can access. One added benefit is that it will mean that organisations can use service user’s names on the system (and store contact details, if you wish). Authentication will be required once a day.

Highlighting duplicate worker/manager email addresses in the current system

We have introduced alerts in a number of places within the system to highlight duplicate email addresses where they exist. If your organisation doesn’t have any duplicates, you won’t encounter these alerts and you don’t need to do anything.

You may encounter alerts on the colleagues list or when adding or editing a worker/manager. At this stage, we are simply drawing your attention to these duplicates. These and a new filter added to the colleague list to show duplicate email addresses will be helpful when we get in touch with you to support you to prepare for migration. Where organisations have a lot of duplicates we will be actively involved in helping you to address the issues, making some of the changes on your behalf where possible.

So, for now, you don’t have to do anything to address worker/manager duplicate email addresses. However, if an alert highlights a clear-cut mistake, or a user account that is no longer required, you can feel free to make changes to tidy up your users as you would normally. This will smooth the way later in the process.

Highlighting if the Star lead email address has also been used for worker/manager users

Star leads often set up a user account to enable them to enter Star readings and carry out other activities leads can’t carry out on this version of the Star Online – a limitation users have asked us to address for some time. With the new system, we’ve been able to do this – it will no longer be necessary to have a second login and we will help existing Star leads by merging their worker/manager user account with their Star lead user.

In addition, as above, it will be necessary for all users to have a unique email address in order to benefit from the added security and other advantages of two-factor authentication.

We’ve therefore introduced alerts to the current system to highlight users that share the Star lead’s email address, and we’ve presented you with a number of options for dealing with this, including checking a box to confirm a user can be merged with the Star lead at the point of migration to the new system.

If the Star lead email address is currently used by people other than the Star lead on the Star Online, there are some privacy and management implications to consider when merging user accounts. Please ensure you’re clear on these implications before confirming two or more users should be merged.

If you personally use a user account to manage a caseload, enter Star readings and/or run caseload reports we recommend that it's merged with your Star lead user account. Nothing will change until you move to the new system.

As above, you do not have to address this immediately, you can continue to login as usual and you won’t be forced to make changes, you can dismiss alerts and save and continue as usual, but we recommend you plan to do this soon. If you need any help with this, please contact the helpdesk.