Release 5.1.0, 24th April 2019

Knowledge-base search function

With this set of upgrades, we introduced a search function to the knowledge-base, utilising Google’s search engine. The search box appears on most knowledge-base pages and results are presented on a new tab so that users can refer to it while using the Star Online.

This is an interim solution while we work on an alternative. It gives us the benefit of the sophistication of Google, however, very rarely adverts may appear in the results presented.

Faster Star deletion approvals

Star leads and managers can now review and approve up to 40 Star deletion requests at once. Previously, they could only approve a maximum of ten in one step.

Retrospective Stars included in all Star lists

The service user lists’ ‘last Star’ columns now include retrospective Star readings, as do all other list pages.

The 'last Star' is determined according to the date the Star was completed, or in the case of a retrospective Star, the date it refers to – not the last edited date, or the date it was entered on the system. Some users flagged that this had been confusing in the past and this change will make things clearer.

Retrospective Star readings are still excluded from on-screen reports by default, but there is an option to allow you to include them.

Minor issues addressed

  • Carried out some further optimisation of 'service user and Star' raw data download and 'behind the scenes' exports available on on-screen reports to help improve performance for larger datasets

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘most recent Star’ filter option on the "view and manage Stars" page

  • Improved the message used to handle the situation where someone is viewing a workers’ profile but they don’t have permission to view their entire caseload (because the person viewing the caseload doesn’t have access to all of the same services) to clarify the situation and avoid wasted clicks

  • Enabled users to edit Star readings where the worker selected no longer has an active Star Online user account

  • Minor display glitches resulting from some margin changes we made in an earlier release have been fixed.

Licensed Trainer Library updates

We are now adding videos to the Licensed Trainer library, the first of which was published as part of this release. It's a webinar on troubleshooting and tips for training in small groups. Also, materials for a short course on action planning and the Outcomes Star and difficult conversations have been added to the ‘Other Training’ section.

Find out more about becoming an Outcomes Star Licensed Trainer.

 Last updated by Jo Johnson, 25th April 2019