Release 5.0.0, 6th February 2019

Users can edit Star readings

With this set of upgrades, workers and managers are now able to edit Star readings to correct common mistakes. While scale points aren't editable, the following information now is: 

  • The worker who completed the Star reading

  • Whether the Star reading is “retrospective” or “standard”

  • The date it was completed

  • Whether it was completed by the worker and the service user together or by the worker or service user only.

How does it work?

Any worker or manager user with access to the service user’s profile and Stars can edit the Star reading.

First, they’ll need to find the Star reading on the “view and manage Stars” page or a client’s profile page and follow the steps to view it. On the Star page a new panel has been added, shown below, which presents the information that can be edited and an edit button.

Edit Stars panel

Click to edit the details and this page will appear allowing users to correct the Star reading details:

Edit Stars screen

Note this screen doesn’t allow you to change the scale points selected. If you’ve made an error entering them, you'll still need to delete and re-enter the Star reading after we introduce this upgrade, as you do now.

Changes are permanent

Once the changes are saved they are permanent and it isn’t possible to access or retrieve the earlier version. However, it’s easy enough for a user to change it back again, if needed, as there’s no limit on the number of times these details can be modified and an email is sent to the user detailing all the changes they made.

Oversight for managers and leads

When a Star reading is edited, the service manager(s) and the Star lead for the organisation account are notified by email with details of the changes made – the before and after – and the system keeps a log of the changes (until the Star is permanently deleted).

Last edit details panel

In addition, the system records and displays the information about the last time the Star reading was edited – the user who made the change and when they made it. 

Managers may want to introduce internal policies or guidelines to support staff to use these new options well.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please get in touch with your Star lead or with the helpdesk if you are the Star lead for your organisation’s Star Online account. 

Interactive service user consent forms

Interactive PDF versions of the service user consent forms are available on your dashboard. They can be downloaded then electronically completed, saved and stored on site (not on the Star Online). 

These forms are provided to support organisations who do not have their own consent paperwork, the Star Online doesn't provide a mechanism for you to record or store consent as consent if the responsibility of your organisation. If you have your own paperwork, there's no need to duplicate by using these forms in addition to your own.

Service user and Stars data

The "service user and Stars" raw data report can include a very high number of rows where larger organisations are very active and, on occasion, this resulted in the report timing out and failing to be generated. With this set of upgrades, we've made a change to avoid this happening.

Users can run the report as usual but instead of it instantly downloading they will be sent an email when the report is ready to download.

These reports will be stored on the Star Online for two weeks and will then be deleted from the system to avoid them becoming out of date. If you attempt to download it after that time, you'll be prompted to re-run your report. 

Australian users can choose "today" when entering quick Stars

Last year, we adjusted the system to check for Stars being inadvertently entered for a future date. This resulted in an issue for users who were entering Stars in time zones far ahead of the UK, such as Australia. We've adjusted the way that the system checks dates so that this doesn't stand in the way of the Star being correctly entered using the 'today' option in these time zones.

Making it clearer that Star leads need to add services first

We've improved the messages given to Star leads when they attempt to add managers, workers and service users before adding services to their account to make them much clearer and more user-friendly.

Bugs and issues fixed

A number of issues have been fixed with this update:

  • Minor presentation issues on the manager/worker profile page following some major work on this page last September

  • Minor issue with the presentation of notifications

  • If custom characters, such as emojis, were copied from applications like Word and pasted into the Star notes or action plans text fields this was disrupting the raw data downloads in which they were included

  • Certain filter options appeared to reset to their default after being applied on the "view and manage Stars" screen, which meant the results presented were ambiguous.

Last updated by Jo Johnson, 24th April 2019