Editing Star readings

Sometimes you may make a mistake while entering a Star reading, and want to correct your error after the Star is submitted. The following details of a completed Star reading can be edited:

  • Which worker completed the Star reading
  • Whether the Star reading was agreed by the worker and service user together, the worker only, or the service user only
  • Whether the Star reading was a standard or retrospective reading
  • The date of the Star reading

In general the scores cannot be altered once the Star reading is submitted. If a Star reading has been entered with the wrong scores, you will need to delete the Star and re-enter it.

(There is one exception to this: after a Star is completed via the Live Star process, you have one final chance to edit the Star after you submit it. You can read more about this in step 7 of the knowledge base guide to completing a live Star. This option is only available immediately after submitting the Star.)

You cannot edit the worker on a Star reading if the worker no longer has access to the service, or if the worker has been deleted. In this situation you will also need to delete the Star and re-enter it.

You can find out how to delete Stars here. You may find it useful to use the Quick Star method when re-entering Star readings. We recommend downloading a copy of the Star reading before deleting it, so that you have something to refer to when re-entering it.

How to edit a Star reading

First find the Star you want to edit, for instance via the "View and Manage Stars" page accessed from the dashboard, or from the service user's profile page.

View Star page

When viewing the Star reading there is a panel on the right hand side titled "About this Star reading" which contains the editable details. Click the button 'edit these details' to go to the "Edit Star reading" page.

Edit Star reading

From this page you can edit the Star details. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen when you have finished editing.

When you edit a Star reading the system will notify the lead and all managers at the service that a change was made. The person who made the most recent change, and the date, will also be logged.

Choosing the right details

It's important to understand the meaning of the different options when editing a Star reading, as some of them can cause Star readings not to appear on certain screens or in reports. Read the text on the "Edit Star reading" carefully, and refer to these knowledge base pages for more detailed help: