Star notes

Why are notes important?

Star notes are used to capture useful points from your conversation with the client and are key to gaining most benefit from using the Star. Take time to ensure they'll be clear to you and the client in future when you come to complete another Star reading together and so that any other professionals involved in their support can gain useful insights from them, if needed. 

Why did you and the client choose one stage on the Journey of Change rather than another? Did you disagree or reach agreement after much discussion? Why did you choose certain areas as priorities to focus on?

If your organisation records Star notes in another system, you can leave this page blank. If in doubt, check with your manager or Star lead.

Entering Star notes

You can enter notes to accompany a Star reading when using the live Star and quick Star entry methods. When using the live Star method you will be invited to enter a note as you go along, after you select a score in each area.

When using the quick Star method you are prompted to enter notes for all areas together after you submit the Star reading.

Editing Star notes

You can edit Star notes after the Star is submitted, and you can use the same method to add new notes if they don't already exist. To edit notes on an existing Star reading, first find the Star reading, for instance by navigating to the service user dashboard for the service user, and finding the Star reading in the list of Stars. Click the magnifying glass icon to view the Star reading:

view Star on service user dashboard page

This will take you to the view the Star reading. Check that you are looking at the right Star reading, and then click the 'view notes' button in the top right. At the bottom of the view notes page is an 'edit notes' button, which will allow you to edit existing notes for this Star reading, or add new notes.