Who completed a Star?

Choosing who completed a Star reading

It is possible to record Star readings on the Star Online has having been agreed by either:

  • The worker and service user together
  • The worker only
  • The service user only

Detailed guidance on these options can be downloaded here. The key points are summarised below.

"Worker and service user" Stars

It is important that all Stars should be agreed by the worker and service user wherever at all possible. We call this "collaborative completion". A collaboratively completed Star is one where:

  1. The worker and the service user are both engaged in deciding what readings are recorded on the Star in all outcome areas
  2. The service user is able to be actively engaged because they understand the Journey of Change (for example, by having access to the User Guide or Scales when using the Star, or by having it explained to them)
  3. The worker and the service user both agree what readings to record on the Star in all outcome areas.

A Star which is completed in this way should be recorded as agreed by "the worker and service user together".

Stars should be completed in this way where at all possible, but sometimes it is not possible for a worker and service user to agree, in which case you will need to use one of the other options.

If you are think you cannot record a "worker and service user" Star, and are looking at one of the other options, it is important that you read the guidance which can be downloaded here.

Situations where you will record both "worker only" and "service user" Stars

Managing disagreement with Worker Only and Service User Only Stars

Sometimes, after a worker has engaged all their skills to attempt to come to an agreement with the service user, a worker and service user still may not agree on a score in a particular area. The worker may need to take action to avoid a confrontation or damaging the worker/service user relationship.

In this situation the worker will complete two Star readings - their own version based on their judgement, and a version based on the service user's judgement. These two Stars will be entered on the system using the "worker only" and "service user only" options. User the notes feature to record more information on why agreement could not be reached.

A worker should share their Star with the service user for transparency and to support an effective relationship with the service user.

Recording two Stars means that both perspectives are captured at this moment in time, and the complete Charts can be reviewed and discussed together as part of a keyworking session at a later point in time, if it is helpful to look back as to why that difference of opinion came about.

Situations where you could record a "worker only" Star

In some situations you may need to record a Star reading when the service user is not in a position to engage with the Star. For instance:

  • The service user cannot engage with the detail of the Journey of Change because of communication or cognitive barriers such as disability, injury, or illness
  • The service user is resistant to engaging with the Star
  • The service user has left the service, but a final Star reading is required to show change up to the end of their support.

In these situations it may be appropriate for a worker to record a "worker only" Star. All of these situations require special care to be taken in order to record a meaningful Star reading, so it is very important to read and understand the guidance. You can download the guidance document here.

Situations where you could record a "service user only" Star

A service providing less intensive support, and using a lighter touch Star (ie one with a 1 to 5 scale not 1 to 10 scale.), after having completed a service user’s first Star collaboratively, may decide it is appropriate to allow service user to complete follow up Stars individually, and then discuss their readings in small groups of their peers and with practitioners. The Stars would be recorded as "service user only" Stars.

Service user only Stars are not included in standard Star data reports as default, but they can be accessed in the raw data downloads.